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Why is the expiry of the juice only 5 days?

The Fresh Squeeze does not pasteurize their juice, so the shelf life is substantially shorter than those products that are.


Why doesn’t The Fresh Squeeze pasteurize their juice?

Pasteurizing is a process of heating a live food to the point where human pathogens are killed. While this method is marketed as being the safer alternative for consumers, it’s not the healthiest because the heat also kills the live enzymes, nutrients and taste originally found in the food.


We don’t like to cook our oranges.


Do you add anything to your juice?

Absolutely not.


How many oranges are in 1 Liter?

It depends on the type and size of the orange we’re using at the time, but the average is between 18-22 oranges.


Are the oranges organic?

Yes they are.


Where do the oranges come from?

Depending on the season, our source of oranges changes. In the early and late months of the year, we use a Valencia from a certified grower in Arizona. Towards the mid to late months, we use a California Valencia.


Do you offer home delivery service?

We sure can! We’d be more than happy to set up a scheduled delivery of fresh juice.  Please send us a quick note by clicking on the orange on the left of the screen and we’ll get back to you to get the required details.



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